Is your home haunted or infested with negative energy???


Do you have cold spots ,unexplained smells , problem with selling your home, your child often wakes up and screaming at the middle of the night or your dog may standing in the corners of your house and barking ??
YES that mean your home is haunted.

One thing is certain: the souls of dead people should not remain between us, because it already is not their world, the world of the living. The souls of the dead steal our energy. They stay between us and weaken us often begin to worry about their disease as they were still living creatures. If you have any of the symptoms listed below you are likely to be among disembodied souls that may reside in your home. You and Your apartment should be cleaned as soon as possible:

  • frequent headaches or stomach pains
  • lack of desire to live
  • frequent or occasional lack of energy
  • strong or frequent mood swings
  • easy loss of control over emotions
  • severe anxiety
  • strong negative emotions
  • suicidal thoughts
  • chronic depression

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Death seems to be the most frightening, and certainly the most unavoidable thing in the world. Why are we so afraid of it? Is it because we think it must be a painful event? Therefore, we do not want to leave this world. Some souls tightly hold on to the next of kin, husbands, wives, parents, children, friends, lovers, etc.

Also, do those who remain alive are so afraid to stay alone and do not want to let go of the dying soul? We do it in the name of love, but love has nothing in common. Such thinking does not love and a paralyzing fear of what become of us and how we will cope ‘helps’ the dead souls stay among the living.

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