Energy clearing

For the purification of the soul I use a pendulum, with the great help of Higher Self.

Purification occurs at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, including all the bodies and minds of man.

By using this method it is possible to clean the following, the main areas:

  • programs and the negative energy from past lives in this dimension, as in other realities that affect our present life,
  • motivation, which is guided in his life,
  • dark energy, forces and different types of incorporeal beings,
  • connections to other dimensions and realities,
  • different types of additional souls,
  • curses and spells
  • oaths, promises, vows, contracts and other commitments
  • issues and challenges that the soul has planned for implementation in the embodiment
  • blocks of positive expression
  • various patterns and archetypes
  • genetic and karmic beliefs
  • blocked chakras and meridians
  • energy links with other people and spiritual beings
  • spiritual programs affecting the current force
  • negative soul
  • blocks at high levels of energy and implants
  • DNA and chromosomes
  • programs which affect the work of the organs and glands in the physical body
  • purification of animal
  • clearing houses, property and the land on which the data are located residential buildings

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